Packing list:


•Small backpack for daytours

•Water bottle

•1 warm jacket





•2 pairs of woolen socks

•Ordinary socks

•Good hiking boots

•Ordinary shoes

•Mosquito repellent and mosquito net

•Woollen underwear

•Ordinary underwear

•Woolen shirt or a fleece jacket

•Warm pants

•Normal clothing

•Sun lotion


•Passport, money and credit cards

•Personal: Shampoo, tooth paste etc..

•Personal medication

•Literature and perhaps playcards or other games for days with bad weather

Ilimanaq Hiking 3 days


Ilulissat area has many hiking opportunities. The settlement Ilimanaq is unique and the nature is very beautiful.

The trip starts in Ilulissat harbor at 4pm. We sail to Ilimanaq through the icebergs, and if we are lucky, we can see some whales on the way.

The hiking starts in Ilimanaq and ends in Ilimanaq. We will hike in 3 days, 2 overnight sleeping in tents. There will be two different camps in two different places. There will be plenty of opportunity to experience the Greenlandic flora and fauna. If we are lucky, we can also meet the musk ox too. The good views will be amazing and the Ilulissat icefjord will be in the background as a beautiful painting.

There will be an info and preparation meeting at 8:00 pm. the day before hiking at hotel Icefiord. The backpacks will be divided equally packed.


  • Season: June - August 2018 (every 2nd weekends)
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Level of difficulty: Demanding
  • Max. participant per tour: 8
  • Departure every 14 days on fridays at 4pm. Return to Ilulissat sunday 6 pm.



Incl. Local Adventure Guide, overnight stay in tents, transport to and from Ilimanaq.


PO box 220, 3952 Ilulissat Greenland

GER nr.: 37483648


Phone: +299587940


Administration Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday

09:00 - 21:00 UTC/GMT








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