Stay Overnight At Igloo


Special offer this winter; spend the night in the igloo Marts 28 or Marts 31 2018 with an overnight. Our local adventure guide takes you to the magnificent scenery and build an igloo with you.

Try at stay overnight in igloo to feel, touch and smell or even taste our beautiful nature. We had collected labrador tea this summer, we bring them on this trip to taste a part of Greenland on this winter adventure.

The winter can be very cold here in Ilulissat. The temperature can come down to minus 30 degrees in January and February. In the ultimo marts, the sun is already high in the sky. In the daytime, the sun is up in about 6 hours. The temperature is mild, usually between minus 5 degrees and down to minus 12 degrees.

The trip begins in the afternoon. We start the igloo adventure with dogsled tour from the city to Kangerluarsuk to find the perfect place to build the igloos. When the perfect place is found, the building of the igloo will begin. After building the igloo we will make dinner. We will also bring reindeer skin as sleeping pad. If we are lucky and the sky is clear, we can experience the stars and northern light before sleeping.

Please notice:

This trip is demanding and the participant should be in good physically and mentally form. This trip is not recommended if you have cardio vascular diseases or any other serious diseases. Make sure that your sleeping bag have minimum minus 10 degrees in comfort temperature.

The greenlandic terrain is tough for most hikers. Also if you are experienced. Previous experiences with backcountry hiking is essential. You are required to carry your own bag and some of the groups equipment or food in your bag.


  • Season: 28 Marts 2018 or 31 Marts 2018
  • Duration: 1 day + 5 hours
  • Level of difficulty: Challenging
  • Max. participant per tour: 8





All inclusive, local adventure guide & dogsled trasnportation


Packing list:


•A bagpack

•Winter sleeping bag: Comfort temperature minus 10 degrees

•Sleeping pad: Insulated or inflatable

•Woolen socks (Min. 4 pair of socks: Wear 2 pair at a time + 2 extra)

•1 set of underwear (Thin)

•1 set of underwear (Thick)

•1 pair of mittens

•2 pair of thin finger mittens: Pure wool is the best. You can buy finger mittens in Ilulissat, but they are not made of pure wool.

•Hat/cap: A wind stopper that covers your ears is the best choice.

•Trousers made of fleece

•Fleece jacket/pullover

•Windproof trousers: Gore-tex or similar

•Windproof jacket: Gore-tex or similar

•Windproof and isolated leggings/overall trousers

•Windproof and isolated jacket

•Warm boots

•Thermos bottle: This should be made of steel.

•Personal medicine


•Sun lotion



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