Walk To Sermermiut

Take a walk to Sermermiut and hear about the old abandoned settlement, where old Inuit cultures lived. Sermermiut is located on the famous UNESCO World Heritage area. From Sermermiut you can see the gigantic icebergs, which comes out from Ilulissat kangerluat, kangia: the most productive calving glacier in the northern hemisphere and the fastest glacier brook in the world. Where the iceberg can reach up over 100 meters from the sea level. The icefjord produces among 46 cubic kilometers of ice every year. If you melted this amount of ice, the resulting amount of water could cover the annual consumption of water in the USA.

  • Season: January - July 2018
  • Departure: Selected days at 1pm, check booking system for departures.
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Level of difficulty: easy
  • Max. participant per tour: 10
  • Meeting point: Old heliport at 12.45noon


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