Packing list:

•Small backpack for daytours

•Water bottle

•1 warm jacket




•Good hiking boots

•Warm pants


•Lunch box


Winter Evening Hiking


Take a winter hike in the UNESCO Worlds Heritage area near Ilulissat icefjord.

Experience the harsh Greenlandic winter by walking on the popular blue trail, through a wonderful and hard terrain. The markings on the blue trail are in some places under snow and ice.

On the hike, you can see the Greenlandic winter transportation, through several centuries, the dog sledge. On the way, the guide will tell the story about dog sledging. On the summit of the first steep gap cliff, with walls of rocks ice and snow, the first magnificent view will appear: the landscape near Ilulissat. After a little break, we continue the walk to the famous UNESCO Worlds Heritage, where the big iceberg comes out from Ilulissat kangerluat, kangia: the most productive calving glacier in the northern hemisphere and the fastest glacier brook in the world. Where the iceberg can reach up over 100 meters from the sea level. The icefjord produces among 46 cubic kilometers of ice every year. If you melted this amount of ice, the resulting amount of water could cover the annual consumption of water in the USA.

After the breathtaking hike near the Ilulissat icefjord the hike will end in Sermermiut, an old abandon settlement where different old Inuit culture lived. The ruins are famous because of the archeological finds of remaining’s from the old cultures.



  • Season: January - April 2018
  • Departure: Every day at 6pm
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Level of difficulty: Demanding
  • Max. participant per tour: 8




Incl. Coffee & Tea


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