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DiskoBay Adventures

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3952 Ilulissat

Tel.: +299587940

E-mail: tours@diskobay-adventures.com

GER nr.: 37483648

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DiskoBay Adventures is a tourist business and specializes in adventures on land and at sea: hiking, walking, northern light safari, excursions, stay overnight in igloos, boat tours. It is internet based tourist business. You can also find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter or Instagram.


General conditions:

All tours starts and ends in Ilulissat city, unless other is agreed by the confirmation.

All prices given on the website, facebook, twitter or via our partners is the true prices and per person. DiskoBay Adventures doesn't charges fees. The only fees must added are such as the fees charged by your bank.

Please note that our tours are categorized from easy to challenging and some of is not recommended if you have cardio vascular diseases or any other serious diseases.

DiskoBay Adventures only use approved boats by the Danish Søfartsstyrelsen for passenger sailing, and only boats with valid insurances.



All booking are made through our booking system on the website or by request via e-mail. You can also buy your tour through our partner. All reservations done on the website, e-mail or partners are only finally comfirmed when the payment has gone through.



DiskoBay Adventures is not responsible for other peoples costs or expenses due to cancellations or delays in the service. If the costumer chooses to cancelled tour, the following rules applies:


  • Until 7 days before tour begin all bookings are fully refunded
  • Less than 5 days before tour begins, 50% of the Price will be refunded
  • Less than 3 days before tour begins, 25% of the Price will be refunded
  • 24 hours before tour begins, the payment is not refundable.


DiskoBay Adventures reserves the right to cancel adventures on the following conditions: Technical problems on the boat, bad weather or sea conditions, for safety reasons, ice in the bay and any siatuations beyond the control of DiskoBay Adventures. It is respectively the captain of the boat who decides if the weather permits the execution of the boat tours.

If we selects and cancel from our service, you can either get a refund 100% or accept an alternative from us of equivalent or similar standard and Price, if one is available. We will always refund the difference in Price if the alternative is of a lower standard and Price.



DiskoBay Adventures is not responsible for any loss, injury or damage sustained by participant's incurred due to delay, natural disasters, accedents.

DiskoBay Adventures doesn't cover insurance of the participant's personal belongings.

Should personal belongings be damaged or lost on the tours it is at one´s own expense or own incurance.

We required participant's to have full travel Insurance, that cover theses cases before leaving the native country.


Final payment:

All prices are valid to december 2017 and quoted in Danish krone, the danish krone is the official currency of Denmark and Greenland.

You will reseave payment information by e-mail and you have 3 working days to pay for your booking. Please read carefully condition about cancellation.




PO box 220, 3952 Ilulissat Greenland

GER nr.: 37483648

Email: tours@diskobay-adventures.com

Phone: +299587940


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Monday - Sunday

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